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How Much Money Can You Make with Ebooks?

Right now, publishers do make a little bit more on ebooks, but there are a few things to consider before you bring out the pitchforks demanding $5 ebooks: 1) ebooks are currently less than 5 percent of book sales. 2) paper booksellers can’t compete at these prices, especially indie booksellers. 3) there is no equivalent paperback market with lower costs to eke out more money later in a book’s life (especially if the hardcover flops).

For many, learning how to make money with ebooks, the journey started elsewhere. You’ve heard about passive income, and you might be thinking, “what could be better than that?”

Put in some work now and continue to reap the financial benefits for weeks, months, and even years to come. While it’s not always as simple as that, writing ebooks is one side hustle you won’t want to disregard: it is relatively simple (though not necessarily easy!).

Although print books are still more popular than their electronic counterparts, it’s more feasible to break into publishing by going the kindle (or nook or ibook) route. Now that Amazon is making it easier than ever to self-publish a book printing a physical book is a natural extension of your ebook. If you’re wondering how to make money with ebooks, this is the step-by-step guide you’ve been searching for. We’re going to discuss how to find a topic for your book, how to write it, how to publish it, and getting the word out.

Why You Should Start Selling eBooks

So now you understand why selling ebooks can be such a money-maker, it’s time to get started. Figure out what type of ebook you want to sell, where you’ll get the content, and then where you’re going to sell it — and how you’ll market it online. It’s a low-cost, low-risk business opportunity that has a huge upside!.

If you are still on the fence about selling ebooks as a way to make money online, these five reasons will surely convince you to take the plunge.

The key to making money with ebooks is to have a good marketing strategy. You don’t have to just give away free ebooks to get publicity. Here are some ways to start selling ebooks faster.

Best Places to Sell Your eBooks

If you want to know how to sell ebooks on amazon, the good news is that it isn’t difficult at all. At least not as difficult as some people claim it to be. Read the article below and understand, step by step, how to sell your ebook on amazon.

If you’re good with the pen, you might have contemplated writing your book, and if you already have, you might have thought of selling it on the internet. Amazon is undoubtedly one of the best places where you can sell your books, the methods for publishing being very easy and the readers being many.

Are you looking for some places to sell your ebooks online in 2021? well, you’re in luck! In this post, we’ll check out 8 amazing online selling platforms waiting for you! One of the greatest feelings you can experience as a blogger or entrepreneur is writing and publishing your first ebook! Who knows what beyond that for you, perhaps becoming a new york times bestseller on amazon someday? but asides from that, a successfully published ebook can mean big business too.

There are various places on the internet where you can publish and sell your ebooks and make money every month. There are several platforms online you can use to sell your ebooks to your targeted audience. Here are a few of the options for you: e-junkie and Clickbank.

What Self-Published eBooks Sell Best?

Selling ebooks on amazon is probably the most popular route for self-published authors. Their kindle direct publishing program (kdp) allows you to upload your book and have it show up on both the Amazon and kindle store. This is particularly interesting because there are millions of loyal kindle ebook readers out there. Moreover, amazon’s kindle unlimited program (Ku) can take your ebook sales to the next level. When you sign up, your works become available for free to readers subscribed to Ku. Don’t worry, you will still get paid for every page readers turn on your book, literally.

There are more and more published authors today, largely due to the ease of self-published books and ebook distribution. Whether you’re writing a children’s book or non-fiction, writing, self-publishing, and selling your first ebook is an essential step toward building up your online income. Not only do ebooks and publishing a book in the ebook format help you ramp up your authority and influence, but they can also create the beginning of what could become a strong passive income stream with book sales.

You Get More Money from Each Sale

To boost sales and make money, you’re going to need to do some marketing. Ideally, this will start while your ebook is just a twinkle in your eye. Maybe you have a blog on your chosen topic, or you otherwise have authority, either online or off. If not, though, don’t worry: you can start your marketing at any point before or after you publish.

You have two options to choose between to make money selling ebooks: self-publishing or doing a private launch. If you decide to publish the ebook yourself, you will place it for sale on a platform like Barnes & Noble online, amazon, lulu, etc. You have many platforms to choose from if you take the self-publishing route:

  • amazon kdp
  • Ingram spark
  • Smashwords

Each self-publishing platform will have different requirements and restrictions. Research each one to determine which avenue is right for you if you decide to self-publish.

The short answer is, yes, you can. But in reality, unless your first ebook is a smashing success, you’ll most likely start by earning just a little extra money, with the potential for full-time income in the future. Many writers earn thousands of dollars a year in passive income from their ebook sales.

Publish Your eBook on Your Chosen Platform

Even though ebooks are the best-selling format for self-publishing authors (especially fiction), ask these questions before you begin: is your book highly illustrated? does it require color? if so, you may find significant challenges to creating and distributing your ebook across multiple platforms. Is your book for children? ebook adoption in the children’s market is in the single digits, unlike the adult market. Ebook-only work will struggle to gain traction.

When it comes to publishing your ebook, you have quite a few choices as to which platform (or platforms) to use. Here is the lowdown on some of the most popular.

Publishing with iBooks means that your work will be available to anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, or mac through the apple ibookstore. This system is more complicated than some of the other popular platforms. But if you have written a cookbook, a series of children’s books, a photo book, or some other type of ebook with a lot of multimedia, it’s a great option to look into. Royalties are 70 percent of the list price, and there are no listing fees.

Once your ebook’s ready for publication (yay!), the hard work is nearly over. The next step to take when considering how best to monetize your ebook is to research which publishing platform you could make the most money on. For an in-depth rundown of the leading sites, have a look through our guide to the best ebook publishing platforms.

Market Your Book

When you’re getting ready to become an ebook author and write your next book, it’s important to plan first. Whether you write fiction or have a non-fiction book planned, you want to think about your niche. Most successful writers don’t get there with the scattershot approach. They are writers or marketers who are writing ebooks in a specific niche or area.

If you choose print-on-demand for your print edition, then I recommend the following: use amazon kdp to produce a pod edition to support and fulfill amazon sales. For many authors, most sales will be through Amazon, and using kdp ensures the highest possible profit on those sales. Use ingramspark to produce a pod edition to support book sales in the market outside of Amazon. By doing so, your book will be listed and available for order through the largest and most preferred u. S. Wholesaler, Ingram. (amazon also orders books through Ingram, so you can use Ingram to reach amazon if you don’t want to use amazon kdp for some reason—but this will reduce your profit.

Use ingramspark to produce a pod edition to support book sales in the market outside of Amazon. By doing so, your book will be listed and available for order through the largest and most preferred u. S. Wholesaler, Ingram. (amazon also orders books through Ingram, so you can use Ingram to reach amazon if you don’t want to use amazon kdp for some reason—but this will reduce your profit.).

Kindle direct publishing is kind of the holy grail of ebook publishing: it’s not only the most well-known, but an amazing two-thirds of the ebook-purchasing market is held by amazon. There are quite a few advantages. First, anyone can get the kindle store app for their computer, tablet, or device; this means that most people will be able to access your kindle book, even if they don’t have a kindle.

Run a Promo on Your New Book

You can run a promo on the first days of your ebook being up. Let people download a copy for free and watch as your ebook climbs the bestselling list.

How To Make Money Selling Ebooks

It’s easier than you probably think to make money writing ebooks. All you need to do is craft your publishing plan and put it into action. A lot goes into creating your first ebook – more than just putting your thoughts into book form and selling it. As you work on your project, you will also be building an audience along the way. Your readers will give your ebook life. They will also inspire you, share their feedback, ask questions, and ultimately help you grow your income.

Aside from your target audience, harness the power of networking. It’s important to connect with other content creators like yourself. Building a network of peers and becoming known within the creator community comes with so many benefits, including:

  • having a base for potential affiliate marketers
  • getting seasoned advice from professionals and experts

Creating an ebook takes a lot of time and effort, but it can be so worth it. If you are ready to start making money writing and selling ebooks online, now is the time! you never know: this could be the start of a fruitful entrepreneurial journey.

Learn more about how to write and self-publish fiction and non-fiction books to create streams of passive income even if you have no experience or background in writing, why “do it ugly” is a motto to keep in mind for getting things done and some ways to leverage ebooks to earn even more money outside of book sales.



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